Beauty Facts

My philosophy for facial rejuvenation

Our brain summarizes and grades the components of facial beauty categorically. Therefore, I try to follow steps similar to the brain’s processing of beauty when I perform my analysis and plan my facial rejuvenation treatment. My approach is divided into 4 categories: Symmetry, Proportion, Volume, and Surface.

Woman's face with 3 section markings: upper third, middle third and bottom third



The overall symmetry of the face contributes to a person’s level of beauty. I estimate facial symmetry among the various facial components and grade it. According to the degree of severity, I will incorporate symmetry restoration in my treatment plan.



A woman's face with white markings to show the different face areas

You cannot address only one part of the face without considering how it interacts with its counterparts.

I look for the proportion within and between the different components of the face.

For example, the upper vs lower lip ratio is approximately 1:1.61, which is also referred to as the golden ratio.

The closer a face proportion is to this ratio, the more beautiful it is considered by observers.

I plan my treatment trying to achieve this proportion in every patient.

Before and after images showing a man's bad skin and the results of clear skin after

Size (Volume)


One of the major characteristics of aging of the face is the loss of fat volume. Together with loosening of connective tissue it leads to a sagging and deflated facial appearance. Youthful appearance can be restored more efficiently when volume restoration is performed in all deflated areas.



Before and after images showing a woman's wrinkles and the results of solid skin after

Skin texture and tone is highly correlated with aging.

Neglecting treatment of this aspect would greatly undermine any improvement achieved in the previous 3 foundations. Treatable aging skin characteristics include pigmentation changes such as spots or redness, dehydrated or dull skin, fine wrinkles or other uneven textures.

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