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The pathway to Facial Rejuvenation

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Before the first appointment

  • When you schedule your first consultation, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire about your main areas of concerns.
  • Remember that your satisfaction is my main concern, so the more specific you are, the more I can tailor the optimized solution for you.
  • If possible, it will help to add pictures (selfies are good) taken under bright lighting, to demonstrate your concerns.

The initial consultation

  • Even before my introduction, my assistant will take professional pictures that will be used to assess and demonstrate offered treatment plans.

  • In the first phase of our meeting you will do the talking. I want to hear your concerns and what would you like to change. With a few guiding questions I’d like to understand, what your expectations are from both me and the treatment. Understanding your expectations is the most important part of the treatment process.

  • Then, by either looking at a tablet with your picture or at your reflection in a mirror, I will review my assessment with you.

  • Once you approve my assessment, I present you with a possible treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns.

  • I will review recovery concerns and recommendations as well as possible unwanted outcomes and complications that could be associated with the treatment.

  • You decide if you would like to proceed with the treatment.

  • We sign an informed consent form that summarizes everything discussed.

The procedure

  • Most procedures are done while you are awake.
  • A strong local anesthetic is applied to treatment areas, and the procedure starts 20-40 minutes later once the skin is numb.
  • Treatment areas are addressed in a systematic fashion.
  • For fillers I typically do one side first, so the patient can compare results.
Once the procedure is completed, I recommend my patients wait 10-15 minutes before they leave, to minimize the risk of fainting after the treatment.


  • Treatment pricing is based on type and facial aesthetic areas.
  • I do not charge per amount of material used, but by outcome obtained.
  • Here’s a map of the areas for your convenience: