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Breast Augmentation

The female breast is for many women the equivalent of femininity and attractiveness. Women who has breasts that are proportionally small, often report desire for bigger size. Many women who underwent breast augmentation report improved body image, especially in their sense of femininity and attractiveness. Today, plastic surgery can offer various safe and effective breast augmentation technologies that you can choose from.

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Do I need a breast augmentation?

There is no “need” in aesthetic surgery. If you feel that your breasts are smaller than you wanted them to be, to the extent that it impairs your quality of life and body image, you may benefit from breast augmentation. A test commonly used to determine whether you should have a breast augmentation is asking yourself whether you are satisfied with the volume of your breast inside a bra. If your answer is “too small,” breast augmentation is the procedure you’re looking for.

What are the pros and cons of each breast augmentation method?

What types of breast implants exist and what are the differences between them?

You can augment your breast by using either synthetic implants or your own fat.

Many breast implant types exist today. Breast implants can be divided into 3 categories: Shape (round, anatomic), Surface (smooth, textured), and Filling (silicone, saline):

Are silicone breast implants safe?

In general, silicone breast implants are considered safe. There have been recent reports of two conditions that have been associated with silicone breast implants. The first is a rare form of cancer that was found to be associated with breast implants, and is called in short ALCL (for more information). The second condition is called breast implant illness, and include symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, rash, "brain fog," and joint pain (for more information). Both of these conditions are rare and weakly associated to silicone breast implants.

If you are concerned about the safety of silicone breast implants, we can discuss it further at your consultation.

Where are the scars placed in breast augmentation?

What complications can occur after breast augmentation?

Most common complications after breast augmentation are minor. These include mostly breast deformations due to contracture of the capsule around the implant, position of the implant too close to the skin or malposition of the implant.

Will I need my stitches to be removed after surgery?

No. All stitches used in breast augmentation are internal and dissolvable.

How fast can I get back to normal after surgery?

Pretty fast! You’ll be given a sports bra to wear at all times (excluding showers) for a period of 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks you should avoid rigorous exercise, sexual intercourse and sleeping on your tummy. Afterwards you will be free of any limitations.

Does it hurt?

Mild pain and chest tightness are common after the procedure. Pain is successfully managed with over the counter pain killers like Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and usually do not last more than a couple of days.