The goal of neck lift is to restore a youthful appearing neck. During the procedure Dr Wiser removes neck excess skin and fat, correct “double chin” and “neck bands”. Neck lift can be performed in combination with other procedures as well.

Neck Lift

Where are the scars located in neck lift?

When performed separately, neck lift scars are located behind the ear and are well hidden by it and by the scalp hair. Usually scars heal well in this area and are hardly noticeable. In some cases, a small scar under the chin is needed to achieve maximal neck contour.

Who is a candidate for a neck lift?

If you present with excess neck skin, double chin or “neck bands” that contribute to an overall aging appearance.

Is neck lift the only option for neck rejuvenation?

There are several neck rejuvenation treatments options besides neck lift which is the most comprehensive of them, but also the most expensive, requires longer recovery period and is slightly more risky.

does neck lift remove double chin appearance?

yes. In some patients the reason for the double chin is lack of chin volume. That can be solved by using a chin implant that is inserted during the neck lift procedure.

How long does neck lift results last?

Usually about 8-10 years. Some patients repeat the procedure after several years, but even then the neck contour is still better than before the first procedure.

What is the expected recovery from a neck lift?

Usually between one to two weeks. We recommend our patients to use a neck/chin mild compression dressing and avoid physical exercise, hair dye, staying outdoors and hot food.

What are the risks involved in neck lift?

In general the procedure is safe and rarely involves complications. The most common complications are mild and temporary. They include bleeding and local infection. Less common complication involves nerve injury that leads to temporary loss of sensation to the neck, and in more rare occasions motor nerve injury.