The Consultation Process

What brings you to
Dr. Wiser’s clinic?

When you schedule your first consultation through the website, you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about the areas you would like to focus on when consulting with Dr. Wiser. Remember, the more specific you are, the more Dr. Wiser will be able to customize and optimize the best procedure for you.

Let's Start

Take a Selfie

If you could add pictures of the area of your face or body (selfies taken under bright lighting) to the questionnaire, it would help Dr. Wiser to better understand your areas of concern.

Initial Consultation

"In this first phase of our meeting you will do the talking. I want to hear your concerns and what would you like to change. With a few guiding questions I’d like to understand, what your expectations are from both me and the treatment. Understanding your expectations is the most important part of the treatment process".

Schedule your Procedure

Following your video consultation or your completion of the questionnaire, you will be contacted by Dr. Wiser’s assistant that will schedule your in-person final consultation and procedure with Dr. Wiser that is tailored to your needs and addresses your specific concerns.

Non-surgical Procedures

Most non-surgical procedures are done at the office while you are awake. Some procedures require application of a topical anesthetic before the procedure starts. Fillers are typically applied on one side of the face first, so the patient can compare results.

Once the procedure is completed, it is recommend to wait 10-15 minutes before leaving the office to minimize risk of fainting after the treatment.


Surgical Procedures

Most surgical procedures are done at the ambulatory surgical center. Prior to the procedure Dr. Wiser will review with you the surgical plan, the risks, benefits and alternatives to the offered procedure. Dr. Wiser will go over the recovery process and when you can expect to return to be fully active. Special instructions for use of garments, medications and complementary treatments will be discussed with you.