Liposuction is the most versatile tool used in body contouring. The procedure is performed by extracting fat deposits through a small hidden incision in the skin, usually under local anesthesia and mild sedation. After the procedure the patient can return to normal activity in less than a week.


How much fat can be extracted in one procedure?

Most states limit liposuction volume in no more than 5 liters of fat per procedure. This way, maximum safety and aesthetically pleasing results can be obtained.

Does liposuction make excess skin retract?

Depends on the patient. Liposuction induces skin retraction when the excess is mild, and the skin is elastic. Skin stretch marks, fine wrinkles, advanced age and big skin excess are signs of poor skin elasticity. In these cases, the chances the skin will retract after liposuction only are low and the patient should consider additional solution to regain skin tightness.

Can liposuction create six-pack

Yes, it can. In a technique called “etching” the surgeon can accentuate the borders of the “six pack” muscle and make it “stand out” by giving it a more athletic and slim appearance. This technique can be added to the liposuction procedure and requires wearing additional compressive dressing for 3 days. The patient would still need to maintain adequate abdominal exercise to achieve the six-pack appearance.