Hand Rejuvenation Procedures

When it comes to signs of aging, we may not always think first about the hands. Instead, we typically think about signs of facial aging like lines and wrinkles. When the aging process becomes apparent, our hands are one of the first places to be affected. Even if you have been taking great care so that your face appears youthful, your hands can give away your age. Hands that present with sun damage or have prominent veins can be rejuvenated through various techniques that will help them appear more youthful.

Hand Rejuvination

What is hand rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation can be any type of treatment to help the hands appear more youthful. This may involve a number of treatments that are combined to offer the best results. Some common treatments used to rejuvenate the hands include treating dark skin spots, as well as correcting volume loss using dermal fillers or fat transfer. Some patients also have prominent veins that can be treated to improve the appearance of the hands.
Hand rejuvenation procedures are normally minimally invasive techniques that provide excellent results that can significantly improve a patient's self-esteem and confidence. Treatments for aging of the hands is an area that was previously overlooked by both patients and cosmetic practitioners, but is becoming more popular as people increasingly take a full-body approach to anti-aging treatments.

What is the role of dermal fillers in hand rejuvenation?

The same treatment that is used to correct facial volume loss can be used in hand rejuvenation. It is common for the skin to lose a substance called hyaluronic acid as we age. This substance has the ability to attract moisture into skin, giving the the back of the hand a nice plumping and hydrating effect.
Fillers involve the injection of various substances like hyaluronic acid to promote moisture retention and increase skin volume on the hands. This reverses hyaluronic acid depletion that causes the skin to dry and become prematurely wrinkled. The effect is immediate and long-lasting, with results continuing to build in the days after the treatment.
Along with hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite is one of the two most common substances used to promote hand rejuvenation. Although it is not as hydrating as hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite is better at promoting the formation of new collagen and lasts twice as long (up to 2 years).
As impressive as fillers can be for reducing signs of aging hands, the results are temporary. Your skin will continue to age normally after your filler injections, and follow-up injections will be needed down the road when the injected product effect wanes off.

What is fat transfer and how can it help with hand rejuvenation?

Fat transfer works on a similar principle as fillers in that we are increasing skin volume, but using a different method. This procedure involves a small liposuction, or fat removal, for injection into the hands. After this fat has been purified, we inject it where needed to reduce wrinkled skin in the area of the hands.
The positive aspect of using fat transfer treatment for hand rejuvenation is low incidence of side effects, the ability to combine it with liposuction from unwanted fat deposits in a different body area and its long lasting effect compared with using dermal fillers. Usually only part of the fat transferred to the hand eventually survives (around 50%).

Can I get a chemical peel treatment for signs of sun damage or aging on my hands?

Chemical peels are normally used to rejuventate aged and damaged skin; As for other areas, they are also quite effective for the same purposes with the hands.
A chemical peel treatment for the hands involves the use of a chemical solution that peels away portions of the outer skin layer, mostly the superficial and part of the mid layers (epidermis and dermis). This damaged skin peels away, and your skin cells mature and rise to the surface of
the skin. Chemical peels can be used to treat blemishes on the hands, as well as wrinkles and rough skin texture.
If you have undergone a chemical peel treatment for your hands, be sure to treat your skin very gently in the days ahead. Avoid vigorously rubbing your hands, and do not use harsh cleansers or topical skin care products. Stick with what you know works well with your skin. Now is not the time to experiment with exotic cleansers or fancy soaps.

What is laser skin resurfacing for hands?

Laser skin resurfacing is a cosmetic treatment that can be used for hand rejuvenation. We direct laser energy into the skin, which is converted into thermal energy to break up old, damaged skin tissue. Your body then replaces this damaged skin with fresh, more youthful skin.

How do I decide which hand rejuvenation treatment is right for me?

Since each individual is different, the best way to determine the most effective hand rejuvenation treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wiser. Please contact our office today to book your initial consultation.