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Facelift, neck lift, brow lift and more

A 72-year-old nurse walked into my office for a  consultation. She told me, "Dr, I just want to look how I feel - I feel young and my skin is giving me away!"I performed a face and neck lift, fat grafting to restore facial volume loss, brow lift, upper eyelid lift, and peeling to rejuvenate her skin.I think she looks at least 20 years younger! And she is so happy!

Breast Augmentation

This patient’s goal was to achieve symmetric and perky breasts. I performed a breast lift and augmentation with a small implant to form a pair of beautiful, bikini-ready breasts! The patient described the result as “phenomenal!”.


What you see in the pictures is a liposuction procedure with a healthy 30-year-old patient. I took 3 Liter of fat from her tummy and waist, and performed a mini tummy tuck to perfect her figure. The pictures on the right were taken one month after surgery, and she looks FANTASTIC!

Botox Injection

Patient story: After a lip reduction surgery, in her home country, the patient didn't like the results. Her lips  appeared big and disproportionate. Dr. Wiser's saw that her upper lip was too short. A simple botox injection that elongated the upper lip and restored proportion to her lower face.

Various Procedures

A 49-year-old patient who lost 60lbs through diet and exercise. The patientcomplained that no matter how much he exercised - he can't lose his "men boob". He felt uncomfortable by his breasts and was seeking a more masculine appearance. I performed an open gynecomastia repair that involves partial excision of the breast, liposuction to sculpt the chest area, and repositioning of the nipple-areola complex.

Filler Nose Reshape

This patient is a 25-year-old beautiful woman that was unhappy with the look of her nose. She told me that she's afraid of going into a rhinoplasty. I performed a “liquid” rhinoplasty using hyaluronic acid filler to reshape her nose. It took 10 minutes and with no anesthesia - the results were immediate

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