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Male Breast Reduction

Female looking breast in males (Gynecomastia) is a major factor contributing to the development of men insecurity, embarrassment and overall reduced quality of life. Genetic tendency, obesity, hormonal imbalance, estrogen rich food consumption, use of anabolic steroids, use of recreational drugs and other prescription drugs were all found associated with this condition.

Men who suffer from this condition are embarrassed to appear in public, especially places like public baths, beaches and pools. They experience difficulties achieving intimate relationships with a significant other due to low body image.

Who is a candidate for male breast reduction?

Male patient that complains on female appearing breast shape.

What preparations are necessary before surgery?

First we need to exclude treatable causes for gynecomastia. After the initial consultation that will include a physical examination, the patient will undergo few lab exams, to make sure the cause is benign.

What surgery technique is best for me?

Depends on the patient size of female breast, age and skin elasticity, Dr Wiser will recommend the preferred procedure. In young males with elastic skin a minimally invasive liposuction can provide excellent results. older patients that present with significant excess breast skin and low skin elasticity would usually need a more extensive procedure that will involve longer scars.